Case Study

Mildenhall Hub


The Mildenhall Hub is built under the One Public Estate programme, incorporating facilities from 8 former sites and reducing running costs by 50% or £20m over 25 years.

The site is organised in 4 Zones – see full details on video – as follows:

  • Zone 1 Leisure Centre – clad in timber and blue & grey fibre cement panels
  • Zone 2 Offices – clad in timber, brick slip and render
  • Zone 3 Community -clad in timber, brick slip, render & orange fibre cement panels
  • Zone 4 Academy – clad in brick slip and render
The variety of phases, buildings and rainscreen finishes made the Mildenhall Hub a complex project, requiring carefully scheduling of deliveries, storage and skills.


A2O has a highly proactive approach, especially in resolving design issues and their quality assurance systems gave us a great deal of confidence.

 A2O have worked to overcome all the hurdles that we faced. Also it was very pleasant to work with A2O as a team, which these days is a rare thing.

In short I would highly recommend A2O for any future projects and I look forward to working with them in the future.

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Richard Groom
Project Manager


This contract involved multiple phases and finishes, While similiar bracketry was used throughout, each building had a different fixing design and different loadings, build-ups and insulation thicknesses.

Traditional brick laying was an option for the offices, community hub and academy, as the building is only 2 stories high.

High quality standards were critical for this flagship project. There were multiple interfaces between the many different rainscreen finishes employed. The fibre cement panels were an important feature.

Suffolk County Council aspired to have a state of the art energy efficient building, using a mix of renewable technologies, including a ground source heat pulp, combined heat and power (CHP), solar panels and a battery energy storage system.

The team had to pull off site for 4 months due to COVID restrictions.


A2O was engaged by RG Carter through an extended pre-construction period, even developing some construction details at Tender stage to hit the ground running, on receipt of order.

A2O proposed Corium brickslip rainscreen which allowed A2O to be control of all façade detailing, ensuring great accuracy.

All key design issues were resolved during Pre-Construction. The fibre cement panels were face-fixed with rivets, with the joints aligned and the patterns coordinated across various elevations. 

A2O resolved the wide variety of interfaces to comply with the target U-values and achieve the Mildenhall Hub’s energy efficiency goals. Each building was subjected to an air test, each of which passed.

Covid-compliant working methods were introduced in compliance with government regulations.

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