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Barton Farm Primary School, Winchester


Barton Farm Primary School, part of King’s Barton housing development in Winchester, was designed by Hampshire County Council architects.

The £8.5m eco-school, for 420 pupils, achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘excellent’ and is one of the most sustainable schools in Hampshire.

A20 were appointed to install the SFS and timber rainscreen cladding.

Willmott Dixon ConstructioN

A20 were very proactive through the design phase and especially in putting forward alternative options for the timber rainscreen. The principle architect and head teacher are thrilled with the high quality façade. The A20 team made a significant contribution to the project achieving a ‘Defect Free Handover’ Award.

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Luke Brindley
Construction Manager


The timber rainscreen had a high level of bespoke detail. The design called for the timber modules to be fabricated off-site.  

The interfaces with the glazing and zinc were very complex.

Safety concerns for the school children were paramount.


A2O recommended the timber modules be fabricated onsite for a better fit with the multiple interfaces with other materials.

Physical mock-ups were created to show how the interfaces would be detailed.

A2O suggested changing from a horizontal open-jointed timber profile, which children could climb up like a ladder, to a close-boarded profile. This recommendation was adopted for improved safety.

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