Case Study

Wintringham Primary

St Neots, Cambridgeshire


Wintringham Primary Academy, for 700 pupils, has a Community Hall and classrooms on two levels curving around an internal woodland grove.

The glazed ceramic Keratwin panels from EH Smith are inspired by seasonal colours found in nature and provide wayfinding and identity to the different year groups.

The design, by dRMM, is the centrepiece of the 205ha Wintringham Park Masterplan, built for Cambridgeshire County Council and Urban & Civic.

The cladding contract was for coloured Terracotta tiles on the outward facing façades, fixed back to the Cross Laminate Timber (CLT) Frame.

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This is a fantastic building and we are incredibly proud of it. We are all a bit in awe of it because it is just so wonderful! For us, it was really important that we had a school that fitted into our vision and values of the way we teach our children. It encourages them to learn. It inspires them. You come into a beautiful place to work every day - you can't help but be happy! It's about what we do here, but it's also a beautiful place to help us do that.

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Tracy Bryden
Executive Headteacher


The Cross Laminate Timber (CLT) Frame required detailed calculations of the loading of the Cladding package. Calculations also needed to allow also for the bracketry cantilever of the tiles, which project proud of the glazing.

The colour impact of the tiles is one of the highest impact features of the building, together with the overhanging roof and curved walls.

The Timber Frame required an Engineering Judgement on compliance with fire safety requirements.


The combined load – of sub-grid, tiles, insulation and fire barriers – was engineered to the structural capacity of the CLT Frame. Pull-out tests were conducted on the proposed fixings before full installation.

A2O issued colour setting out drawings for the install team, for sign-off on developing the architect’s concept to full satisfaction.

A2O worked on fire compartmentalisation, with the architects, suppliers and fire engineers, to determine that the CLT and specified fire barriers would fully comply with fire safety requirements. The Engineering Judgment  passed.

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