Stone has been an external building finish for centuries.

Lightweight stone rainscreens allow modern building techniques to be adopted, whilst providing the natural, solid finish of engineered stone.

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A2O specialise in the design, supply and installation of a set of tested stone rainscreen systems. These include solid stone panels; stone laminate on a granite backing and reconstituted stone.

All systems are mounted onto an engineered aluminium sub-grid including insulation to form a ventilated rainscreen system. Key design considerations include: the forming of corners and reveals within the system; interfaces with other systems; engineering for supporting non-standard elements and other factors. 

Detailed drawings and production schedules are critical as all materials are fabricated off-site and the majority are fabricated overseas – so lead times are significant.


A2O have been working with Aerolite and supplier Tiles International since 2012. Aerolite is a 5mm veneer of stone laminated on a granite backing. It is a cost effective and robust solution for stone rainscreen.


Alsecco is a highly engineered stone rainscreen finish. Fixing points are factory-installed into the back of the stone panels to enable install mounting of the system onto a lightweight aluminium sub-grid. The handmade corner stones are very high quality and can be returned up to 300mm from the face stone.


Generix Lite is a German-manufactured cladding solution using a 20-30mm natural stone panel supported with an aluminium support grid. Generix is a robust and flexible solution that includes popular Portland Stone within its range.


Shackerley is a Lancashire based manufacturer who produce a high precision Ceramic Granite ventilated façade system.  

Their bespoke mounting system allows great flexibility on install and the ability to remove individual panels post-install.