Polycarbonate façade finishes allow creativity in design, especially when combined with feature back-lighting.

  • Polycarb - Polycarb
  • Reclad - Reclad

Polycarbonate panels do not have an A1/A2 combustibility rating, so they are only appropriate for low-rise buildings. Where appropriately specified A2O have worked with our supply chain partner Everlite to design and install their Danpalon range of polycarbonate products on schools and sports complexes.

A recent installation at Winchester Sports and Leisure complex included a combination of the Danpatherm K7 long-spanning system which allowed the light from the building to shine out and the Danpalon BRV system installed as an insulated, ventilated rainscreen build-up.


Danpatherm K7 is a long-spanning panel supported from a factory-cut extruded aluminium perimeter framing. It allows excellent levels of light transmission whilst providing a high level of thermal insulation.


Danpalon BRV is a polycarbonate ventilated rainscreen system. The regular support provided by the aluminium support brackets behind the panels allows for very long spanning panels that appear to be self-supporting.