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Sutcliffe Park Sports Centre, Eltham


Sutcliffe Park Sports Hall is an Athletics Centre with Skate Park for Greenwich Leisure.

The project was built on a brownfield site with a very tight programme and public access to the amenity of the athletics track throughout the construction process.

A2O worked to establish an excellent team relationship.


"A2O are by far the best performing contractor on site...
Please keep up the good work.
I'm hoping the success of this project can lead to many future opportunities for both or our businesses."

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Brett Kanjurs
Project Director


The space around the building was extremely limited. There was insufficient storage space for the cladding panels.

Each subcontract had to be fully completed before the next commenced, giving a very tight and rigid programme.

Throughout the construction process the athletics track was in use by the public.


A2O coordinated carefully with the Main Contractor to get panels delivered and stored within the steel frame, checking every detail e.g. one lorry was only an inch within the frame soffit.

A2O diligently coordinated all procurement and installation to hit all the tight programme dates.

A2O coordinated the work for completion before a subsequent new athletics track was installed.

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