November 13, 2020

BRE LPCB Passive Fire Protection LPS 1531: A2O re-certified

A2O has been re-certified by the BRE Global’s LPCB to the  Passive Fire Protection standard LPS 1531 for another year, with 15 buildings now self-certified under this standard to date. The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) is an independent certification body operated by BRE Global. It provides third party approval of the fire and security performance of products and services to a range of global standards including its own Loss Prevention Standards (LPS). This continued registration is a key part to our business, as large clients are now demanding that passive fire barrier installers prove they have robust systems to evidence the installation of fire barriers within the façade. Thanks to Lee Whitaker and Roman Fedenko whose sites were chosen by the BRE for audit of our good practice. A2O has now introduced the Bolster system which will be used on all new projects for 2021. Bolster enables easy recording the location of every barrier, with photographic evidence at the touch of a button. Check us out in the Red Book Live Find out more about A2O Passive Fire Protection