Aluminium rainscreens allow large format panel finishes in either a polyester powder coated (PPC) colour finish or pre-coated metal.

  • Rainscreen Aluminium Panels 02 - Rainscreen Aluminium Panels 02
  • Aluminium Acm A2 Alucobond Opt 1 Image For Text Scaled - Aluminium Acm A2 Alucobond Opt 1 Image For Text Scaled

Aluminium rainscreens can be installed in various forms including flat panel, cassettes or interlocking planks. 

Panels are either face-fixed or secret-fixed onto an adjustable aluminium sub-structure.

PRE-COAT, A1 Fire-Rated

The use of a 2 or 3mm thick pre-finished metal sheet, folded into a tray or panel, provides a very high quality finish with the peace of mind associated with an A1 ‘non-combustible’ product. A2O work with supplier Valcan using their Vitradual product.

3MM PPC, A2 Fire-Rated

Solid aluminium, folded into panels, trays or planks, allows wide flexibility on finish colours and sizes. The PPC finish offers shorter lead times than panels fabricated from a pre-finished material. 3mm PPC carries the A2 ‘limited combustibility’ fire rating, provided by most powder-coating suppliers.


Aluminium composite material (ACM) is a flat, 3-layer sandwich panel of 2 thin pre-painted aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. ACM provides good dimensional stability, low weight and a sleek, brilliant look with a high degree of ‘flatness’ in large format panels. Panels are pre-finished in a range of colours in painted or metallic finishes. ACM carries A2 ‘limited combustibility’ fire rating. A2O works with Alucabond & Larson.